The movements of our lives together here on Earth are not identical however, they are happening together and affect the whole.



Acrylic/Resin/Wood 18″

“Blue Moves”

This Original Accent Table comes with a custom made tripod base from

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Here | Together Artwork

This Artwork is dedicated to a belief that everything and everyone in this world is connected.  The movements of our lives together here on Earth are not the same movements but are happening at the same times.  We are here together and because of that we are affecting the whole picture.  Our physical and behavioral movements are affecting everything around us.

The first three years of my practice have been dedicated to creating duet forms that together hope to display our undeniable ability to reflect one another.  Recently i’ve begun to create a series of paintings and accent tables that, abstractly, expresses the movements of a whole.  In addition to my interest in planetary connectivity, I also hold a great interest in the mystery of our own Galaxy, Galaxies beyond ours and Galaxies yet to be discovered.  We are not alone in this Universe and we are certainly not alone on this Earth.


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Framed Original


24" H x 36" W