My name is Lindsay

Since 2005, I’ve been living and working in Philadelphia, Pa both as a Photographer and as a Performing Dance Theater Artist.  I grew up in Bristol, Va and spent much of my childhood discovering the Arts and the role they were meant to play in my life.  I studied Dance, Theater, Music and any other form of artistic expression that was available to me.  I was seventeen years old when the idea of still images gained it’s place in my life.  I started to experiment during my final year in high school and have continued, over the past ten years,  to learn and practice.  When I moved to Philadelphia in 2005, I was warmly invited into the community as both a Performing Artist and a Documentarian.  Photographs are a reflection of life and time.  These reflections are precisely what I strive to portray well in my work.  I look for moments that show all that is perfect and perfectly imperfect in life.  Behind the lens, I see people and places clearly and I seek out the reality in every place and every person.  I believe that my experience as a Dance Artist has vastly influenced my work as a Photographer and my ability to relate to my subjects.  To capture a definitive moment in someone’s life, make a person feel beautiful.  This is what inspires me.